Lance Richardson Writer & Photographer


0004724 0004724 R1 E002 590x590 HomeLance Richardson is a writer and photographer based in New York.

After earning a degree in social sciences and anthropology from the University of Sydney, Lance began working as a travel writer for Australian national newspapers The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, covering everything from the war-torn north of Sri Lanka to indigenous tourism initiatives in the Andean altiplano of Peru.

Lance has floated down the Amazon for GQ Australia, hiked the Maah Daah Hey Trail for Australian Geographic Outdoor, and reported from the Wahiba Sands for Virgin Voyeur. He has also contributed to Slate, The Atlantic, The Paris ReviewThe Guardian, Guernica, GQ Latin America, New York Magazine (, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Toronto Star. His first solo photography exhibition, de MéXICO‘, premiered at China Heights Gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney, on 6 August 2010.

Lance has a masters degree in longform journalism from the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, NYU.


© 2013 Lance Richardson

Tales of the south seas

The island of Malekula, Vanuatu, is mostly mysterious, shrouded in legends of cannibalism that unfairly malign its 30 indigenous languages and 20,000 residents.

© Lance Richardson 2013

Northern exposure

Things happen when they happen in Jaffna, a place of grand temples and eerie modern ruins. It has a population of about 90,000, but the character of a country town – albeit one with a battered past.

© Lance Richardson

The Ascent of Ausangate

The community at Chillca, near the mountain Ausangate, in Peru, may have set out to put their llamas back to work, but what they have created is something far more remarkable.