What is the best shipping software at this moment?

What is the best shipping software at this moment?

We are living in an age when individuals and businesses are relying on modern technology. It looks like there is an application for every need that we have and the situation is not different in the business sector. Online retailers and business owners that have to deal with multiple carriers for their shipping needs have realized that shipping software options can be quite useful. They come with many useful features and they can definitely simplify the business process. Obviously, they are not the same and that’s why we have created a list of the best shipping software solutions at this moment.


OrderCup is one of the most used shipping software options used around the world. It comes with a simple, yet effective interface, more than reasonable pricing and multi-carrier shipping solutions. Another great thing about this software is that it provides professional customer support at any time. This is a perfect solution for businesses that ship at least 500 products per month.


Creating a list of the best shipping software options without ShipStation on it would be a mistake. There are many users that claim that ShipStation is actually the ultimate shipping solution. This software is usually used by small and mid-sized businesses. It provides easy integration with all the popular eCommerce platforms including Shopify and WooCommerce. We must say that the interface of this software could’ve been better, but what’s important is that there is great functionality.


ShipHawk is not a typical shipping software option. Instead of providing countless features and options, ShipHawk relies on an algorithm. It serves as an efficient shipping calculator that is usually used by large businesses. In addition, businesses that have unique and/or large and bulky products may find ShipHawk useful too. They have three different pricing tiers which mean that you can easily find one that suits your needs, especially if you are running a large business.


For those who want to use a shipping software solution on a budget, there’s ShipRush. This software shows rates gathered from many different, well-established carriers on one page. In this way, you can easily find the option that suits your needs. Thanks to this software you can find solutions for different kinds of shipping like freight shipping, individual package shipping, LTL shipping and more. Those who want to ship freight will find ShipRush to be ideal.